What’s the Deal?


Blank Fiction Magazine aims to provide our readers with entertaining, intelligent and thought-provoking genre literature. We publish a quarterly (for now) collection of four short stories.  We are reader-supported and completely independent.  Go us!

Blank Faces

Our staff is made up of fun, quirky and unerringly anti-bummer lit nerds.  Every one of our readers and editors has earned a secondary or post-secondary degree in English Literature.  (Not to brag, right?)

Now for some introductions:

Benjamin Perry (Creator)

A ne’er-do-well with a heart of gold, somehow he found the energy and impetus to create Blank Fiction Magazine and pull together the people with the actual talent needed to keep it running.

Lauren Yerian (Editor)

Lauren enjoys young-adult literature and long walks on the beach with her cat, Story.  She can be found teaching elementary school around Southern California or deep within the realm of BevMo’s “5 cent wine sale”.

Nicole Bailey (Editor)

Nicole Bailey is a writer and freelance editor at Bailey Editing Services. Her published and produced work includes two stage plays, short fiction and creative non-fiction. She idolizes Martha Stewart, and she is not ashamed.


Jason Bissell (Reader)


Ben Matsuya (Artist)


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